All of the data on this blog is my personal experience and what I did wrong I tried to improve it and share the updated content with you. Obviously, when I completed my procedure I had help from my friend Shafqat Mehmood, who helped me through every process.

Apart from that there are two groups on Facebook:

  1. Study & Life in Germany ( For Pakistani Students and Community)
  2. Study and Life in Germany (For Pakistani Students & Community- Temporary)

Whenever I needed guidance I simply posted into this group and there were a bunch of great people who helped and still help the juniors through their procedures. You must join these groups and interact with seniors (please don’t annoy them).

Although I have covered almost everything but still if you’re stuck in something you can post your questions in these groups and in comments on this website or you can write to me at

Cheers to all the wonderful people who helped me throughout! 🙂