Most of us want to know how much money exactly we want from start till landing in Germany. First thing to keep in mind is: Germany uses Euro as their currency and in Pakistani Euro conversion rates apply, sometimes its high sometimes you’re lucky and its low.

Here is the break-up of total amount that you need for whole process of coming to Germany (apart from your shopping, that depends on you):





Uni-Assist Processing Fee 75 Euro for 1st application and

30 Euro / Application for all next Applications

Read more about Uni-Assit, Fee and Payment options here
Document Sending Fee to Uni-Assist via DHL 2200-2500 PKR If you’ve applied to University directly through their portal, this doesn’t apply.
Travel Insurance 6000-7000 PKR Visa Requirement. Compulsory.
Visa Fee 75 Euro You will pay this after your Visa Interview.
Block Amount 10236 Euro You have to transfer before appearing for Visa Interview. Read Visa Requirements here and All About Block Account here. Read mode about blocked amount here.
Flight Ticket 60,000 – 100,000 PKR This depends when you book the ticket. Read about booking cheap tickets here

You can covert current Euro price on PKR and know about the exact price PKR on your own.